Oh! Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!

I’m doing the happy dance as I write this. I have brilliant news.

The builder has finished the patio. YAAAAAAYYY!!!

After much ranting, raving, gnashing of teeth and threats to his health ( all from me) he has finally, after almost five months, finished.

Oh happy day! Oh happy day-ay!! Well, when I say finished, he has one other small task to complete which he assures me he’ll do tomorrow. Ha! We’ll see. I’m not sure he understands the concept of days of the week. He was supposed to turn up Monday which turned into Tuesday and then got to Wednesday before he finally got here.  It was a chilly old morning today, barely above freezing and with a cold wind blowing.  I was mentally daring him to complain about the cold so I could point out that it hadn’t been cold on either Monday or Tuesday and if he’d have bothered to turn up when he said he was going to then he might have found his working conditions a bit more comfortable.

He must have read my mind though because apart from blowing on his hands, hinting for a cuppa, which I grudgingly made, he never even mentioned the weather.

Tsk. I was poised, ready to strike. Thwarted.

Am I turning into a grumpy old woman?

Moving on, before you answer that…..

Batty and me went for a walk today to Burnley to see the famous panopticon, The Singing, Ringing Tree. Before we had the walk though, we had  the drive. Straightforward enough.


Bloody satnav.

We went up and down the same road three times before I stopped to ask a likely looking chap for directions. Luckily he wasn’t the vilkage idiot and we arrived at our destination, with his help, about ten minutes later – about an hour later than we should have done.

Never mind. It was most definitely worth it.

The views were stunning and the panopticon was breathtaking. We could hear it singing as we approached. It was an eerie,  haunting sound like  an orchestra playing  but almost out of earshot. I filmed it on my phone for you  but it’s a rubbish bit of film. I was walking backwards as I did it. trying to get close enough so you could hear the sound without it being distorted by the wind and far enough away so you could see it in all it’s glory and it’s fabulous setting. I’m not sure I managed it but here it is anyway.

Singing Ringing Tree
Singing Ringing Tree


I’ve been going to bed with Harry Potter for the last few weeks, courtesy of Batty who insisted I take the whole set of books so I won’t run out of reading material for a while. Even now I have to chuckle to myself when I remember buying the first Harry Potter book for Lashes. Unfamiliar with the name Hermione, she decided to  pronounce it as Hermi-one. Hehee. I could have put her straight but it was just so funny. Poor old Lashes, it took her ages to work it out.

On that note, it’s time for my date with Harry again so, g’night all.


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