Get my best side.

Two dogs were booked in for portrait sitting the other day. One was a border collie, Mrs Yappy to be exact, the other one, the one  I really wanted, a gorgeous, white, bichon frise was a no show, dammit.


There’s nothing I like better on a cold and miserable morning than to get up early, go down and open up the studio, set up the lights, get the heater running full pelt and then sit there like a dweeb for an hour because people can’t  be arsed to show up. Then I’m stuck there because I haven’t time to go and do anything else before the next appointment. It’s infuriating – and I so wanted to photograph that dog. Gggrrrrr – that was my dog impersonation!

Anyway, Moan over. Mrs Yappy showed up exactly on time and in a good mood so we got lots of nice photos of her and a few cutsie ones for the website.

Christmas dog



She is very photogenic, isn’t she. “Get my best side.”


Border collie

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