Wish I was here!

A blast of energy to get your day rolling courtesy of the amazing Deep Purple.

Go on, admit it. You never had me down as a mosher, did you?

If you watch it on Youtube it has the date down as 29th November 2011. That’s a good trick that, time travelling, I must learn it. It would be soooooo useful. Just think of the think of all the stress I could save myself by being able to go back and tweak things here and there.

One of the first things I’d change is the birthday pressie I bought Boofuls this year. I thought I was buying him an amazing present and I couldn’t wait to give it to him. Turns out all I’ve bought him is ongoing disappointment.

Let me explain, dear reader.

In my quest for the perfect pressie for the man who has everything I purchased a voucher for a Virgin balloon flight. That would be Richard Branson’s Virgin and not a balloon full of virgins, that might have been more expensive  and possibly a great deal harder to organise considering the lack of virgins in this area but I’m sure he’d have enjoyed it.

Sounds good, eh?


The flight dates  for this  area are updated on Wednesday afternoons, at 3pm to be exact.  Flights with availability seem to  be more rare than rocking horse poo. Logging on at precisely 3pm when the new dates are released seems to be the only way of actually getting anything and even then it’s not guaranteed. Quite often the whole list is full as soon as it’s released.

Twice now Boofuls has been booked on a flight only to have it cancelled the night before.  We searched for another flight.

The next available flight is…wait for it…….27th March.

“WHAAAT? D’you know what?  Forget it. Get a refund.”   *checks the small print*

‘Once a flight has been cancelled seven times, you may get a refund (how kind, she muttered sarcastically under her breath as she read it )  but we’ll keep 10% of the money you’ve paid us.’

SEVEN TIMES?  Seven disappointments? Seven times of waiting over four months for a flight?  At this rate that’ll take about four years!!! And you’re keeping 10% of the booking fee?

You should be bloody well paying me for the ongoing, weekly  trauma of trying to find a flight with spaces and then the disappointment, not to mention the day booked off work for nothing, when it’s been cancelled.

You can cancel after three disappointments but then they’ll keep even more of your money. Cheeky sods!

No wonder the bugger’s loaded!  Shame on you Richard Branson!

Perhaps their tag line could be: “Give the gift of  frustration and  disappointment for up to four whole years to someone you really don’t like very much. It’s the perfect present.”

Ok, sensible head on *removes irate head, which is being horribly over used lately, and screws on sensible head*  I know they’ve no control over the weather and ballooning needs calm conditions, it’s the lack of flights and the cancellation policy that rattled me.

Rant over.


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