Saturday night

After a busy days shooting at the studio we got home just as it was starting to go dark so not really much chance of getting on with much work on the outside of  the house.

The plan had been to re-gravel the drive and fill in all the holes on our track ready for winter. The builder’s merchant in his wisdom decided to drop the two, one ton bags of gravel plus a pallet of breeze blocks and sand and cement at the top of the track, 300 yards away from where we need it to be. Having driven down our track on numerous occasions he’s now decided that it’s too dangerous and he can’t do it. I’m not seeing it myself. What do you think? Dangerous?

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I can only assume that he’s frightened of neighing horses, being cawed at by an angry magpie or chased by a hungry bunny, come to think of it, it’s probably better if you don’t wear that bright orange jacket..

I can’t imagine how they thought we were going to get it all  from point A to point B. In a wheelbarrow, perhaps?  Not only did they drop it at the  top of the track, which is our grumpy neighbour’s land not ours, they dropped it in such a way as to totally block the gate to his field. He’ll go NUTS  if he sees it!

After a short discussion, in which for once we were unanimous in our thinking, Boofuls and I  decided that the builder’s merchant could just come and get his stuff and take it right back where it came from and if it got nicked in the meantime or bulldozed by the neighbour then it was their own stupid fault for leaving it in such a ridiculous place. Have these people no brains at all?

So, light failing, no building materials to work with. What to do?

Get showered and changed into something comfortable ie  jammies, catch up on some telly, light a few candles, eat chocolate, drink wine, enjoy each other’s company and have a thoroughly lazy and enjoyable extended evening, that’s what.

It was the best Saturday evening we’ve had for ages.  Thanks, builder’s merchant for giving us this Saturday back.

We’ve been watching a programme called Frozen Planet, which isn’t  surprising considering my love affair with the frozen north. It’s a documentary about the Arctic regions and the time lapse photography  is eye poppingly and jaw droppingly good. If you get a chance to watch it on BBC iplayer or something, as we’re doing now, then it’s well worth giving up a few hours of your lives for. Mind you, anything with penguins in it has got to be worth watching. I think penguins are the funniest creatures on the planet.  Click here for a peak at some of the amazing photography.

So what’s the plan for today then?

It’s going to be FAB! Bezzie mate and her husband are coming to visit. Every year we get together on Christmas  morning to  eat croissants, drink champagne and generally get ourselves in the Christmas spirit  for a couple of hours before  going off to look after our respective families and cook our respective Christmas dinners. Today they’re coming up for a practice run ( of the eating and  drinking, not of the cooking).   I mean, it’s a serious business, we have to make sure we get it right!

Talking of Christmas, Has anyone seen any houses trimmed up yet? I have.  Last Thursday I saw a tree twinkling away in a house window, tinsel sparkling and lights flashing.

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you’re doing.2011, christmas,

Ho! Ho! Ho!


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