Ooh, ow, wince

We have builder in again at the moment. re we gluttons for punishment or what?

Actually, this chap, and his dad, turned up exactly on time and got straight in with the job of plastering the utility room.  Once I’d decided to knock all the tiles off and took half the plaster with them as well as uncovering a lot of black mould we really had no choice but to get a professional in to sort it out.

Of course, that meant I was stuck in the house all day yesterday so I took the opportunity to clear my desk and get a LOT of computer work done.


The end result of that is that I can now hardly move.  I’m doing a very passable impression of Lurch with my shoulders hunched up around my ears and hunched over in an effort to find a position that doesn’t hurt.

I think a couple of days off the computer and a few anti inflammatory pain killers will probably sort it out.

Try not to miss me too much while I’m gone.


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