The importance of being appropriately dressed for every occasion

Why am I on my computer at 1.20 in the morning?

Two reasons:

1. My shoulder doesn’t hurt

2. After waking me with his monstrous snores and then going off to the spare room at my request, Boofuls has left me  completely unable to sleep. I’ve been counting sheep for the last two hours and I count count any higher so I decided to call it a day (night?) and get up for a while.

So. Did ya miss me while I was recuperating?

That’s the last time I’ll be doing an eight hour stint at the computer. Three days of not being able to look left or right without moving my whole upper body rather than just my head. It was all worth my pain though for the sheer amount of pleasure it gave my family  as they  laughed and pointed at my cumbersome movements, which looked uncannily like those of a cat wearing a head collar. Thanks, everyone.

Did I take the opportunity while I was incapacitated to sit, peel grapes and watch Jeremy Kyle?  Nah.

I took over the school run for The Rev who has been looking after Gembolina.  She went into hospital and had what was supposed to be a teeny operation on Thursday but it turned out to be a rather larger operation than anyone thought it would. The poor thing looked like Marley’s ghost this afternoon. Still, job done and over with, eh?

It was a busy day on Thursday with a lot of different things going on and I knew I wasn’t going to get chance to pop home during the day so everything I needed had to go with me first thing. Leaving home I  felt like I was taking my entire wardrobe with me. It was like a some kind of mad, mobile, boutique in the  back of my car with all the different outfits folded on the back seat.

First was our dance lesson. Tricky with a cricked neck, not so much of the head waggling this week. It’s always cold in the church hall where we have our lesson so it’s sparkly shoes with socks ( a difficult look to do well, I must say) and layers of clothing  so we can remove them as we warm up and  of course a skirt that allows free movement, can’t really dance a paso doble in a hobble skirt (who remembers them?).

Next, dog walking. Off with the skirt, on with the cargo pants, big socks, grubby coat full of poo bags and dog treats and walking boots. Good job I didn’t risk going in a nice coat as once again a stranger’s dog decided to jump all over me. I must be giving out mixed messages. These creatures seem to be under the misapprehension that I’m a dog lover. Just because I have a dog with me doesn’t mean I actually like dogs so keep your mucky paws and slobbery gob away, thank you. Tsk.

Next. Business meeting. Back to the skirt, top it with a jacket, Bob’s yer uncle.

Next. Off to school to pick up child 1. Warm coat and scarf – why oh why is she always last out of the school gates?  It was perishing, warm coat or not.

After that it was off to pick up child 2. At least I can park right at the door when I pick up child 2 so no standing around for ten minutes in the cold. Amazingly enough, this child is always ready and waiting for me.

All day long I felt like a quick change artist.  It was a relief to finally get home and do the last change of the day into a nice warm, fluffy dressing gown. Aaaaah, heavenly.





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