Did I see some presents, Nanny?

Munki asked me innocently as I hastily shoved her and her excited eyes out of my bedroom the other day, away from the piles and piles of presents, wrapped and unwrapped  stored in a corner of my bedroom.

“No, darling,” I lied through my teeth, ‘it’s just some stuff for the charity shop.”  I’ll never get to heaven telling whoppers like that, will I?

Talking about the charity shop, which we weren’t, I dropped some stuff off the other day. While I was in town I had a mooch round one of the other charity shops. Did I hit the jackpot!

Not one bur TWO pairs of brand new, sexy and delicious boots in my size!  I was almost dancing for joy as I left the shop. Two pairs of boots for £11. That’ll do for me!

One pair is a square toed, dark brown leather trouser boot with lacing detail and the other is a sexy red, pointy toed  stilleto, that one’s gone straight to number one.

It’s my little  sister’s birthday today. Happy birthday Sis!  I don’t know why I put that as she doesn’t tune in to the blog channel very often. On Saturday it’s big N’s birthday, the following Friday it’s Batty’s birthday. So many birthdays. So much cake to eat. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it *Puts up hand to volunteer for cake eating duty*.

It’s been a funny weekend one way and another. I could go into a major rant at this point about inconsiderate and rude people not turning up for appointments and leaving us twiddling our thumbs at the studio like Mr and Mrs No Mates for the second weekend running – but I won’t.

I could tell you that we spent a lovely evening with our friends in Manchester on Saturday – but I won’t (not a lot to tell).

I could tell you about spending most of Sunday crawling round the office on my hands and knees painting all the skirting boards and then coming home to paint the utility room – but I won’t.

Instead I’ll tell you about the fantastically warm welcome we got from the staff in our local restaurant last night. We haven’t been for a good few weeks as our fiscal arrangements didn’t allow for it but a client paid me with a fistful of cash yesterday so we decided to treat ourselves to a decent meal.   As soon as we opened the door the manager’s face lit up with joy. “Where  you been? We  miss you!” Busy at work, yes? You very busy? ” Etc. etc. etc.

Crikey. I felt like I should have brought a note from my mother to explain our absence. Still, it was lovely to be fussed over. The restaurant itself has been all trimmed up beautifully in a kitsch, over the top and Italian way. I loved it, even down to the tiny green and red twinkly disco lights dancing all over the walls and ceiling. The music was cheesy Italianesque Christmas songs and the atmosphere was warm, welcoming and very joyful. Just what the doctor ordered! I must say that my grilled halloumi and chorizo followed by sea bass wasn’t  bad either.

Now that December has reached double figures, I consider it to be officially Christmas!  Unlike most of our town folk who seem to have got their months mixed up and trimmed up by the middle of November.  I love Christmas but come on, November? Even I’d be fed up of it all by twelfth night if I trimmed up that early. As usual, riding round the town after dark causes me to “Oooh” Aaaah” or “Uuurrgh” at what people consider to be acceptable trimming up. The bright blue flashing lights (Don’t even start me off on that one!) are out in abundance again this year. Sigh.

So what do you think? Is it Christmas yet or not? If you’re in any doubt, click here to find out for certain.

Sorry for the bitty post. Must try harder or find more time.


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