Munki Business

Munki turned three recently. Three!

Out on a girly mooch round the shops, on a no pressure shopping trip with a friend yesterday, she casually asked me while I was  sipping on a delicious skinny latte if Munki was one or was she two yet?

“She’s three.”  Her response was the same as mine. “Three? Oh my God! How did that happen so fast?”

I’m not going to go into a long, drawn out description about how, clever, talented or anything she else she is (Munki – not my friend – although she is as well).  Obviously she is one of the three most gifted children in the universe, along with Batty and Dangerous.

In the absence of any birthday photos; here’s my tribute to Munki’s birthday.

Walk like a monkey Munki
Grumpy Munki
Cute Christmas Munki

Unlike most kids of her age she isn’t overawed by coming into the studio for photographs. The upside is that she isn’t a bit shy of the camera. The down ( but very funny ) side is that she puts on all sorts of performances for me. Her favourite being to sit with her back to the camera  and then tell me that she’s smiling. Cheeky Munki.

Now we’re really in the run up to Christmas it’s all getting a bit busy. It’s Batty’s school’s Winter Wonderland concert tonight. Am I going? Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. Batty’s singing so I’d better take a pile of tissues with me as I’m going to blub like a baby.


4 thoughts on “Munki Business”

    1. Thanks, Paprika. I’m sure there’ll be a whole row of us blubbing away like mad – Boofuls and the Rev usually manage to ‘get something in their eye’ at these events as well. Bless ’em. Think I enjoy being a grandparent far more than I enjoyed being a parent. I get all the good bits and none ( not much) of the vomit, school parents’ evenings or general hard work involved in having a young family. Bliss. ;-D

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