Telly fest

Ok, so Boxing day wasn’t all I thought it was going to be. In fact it ended up as nothing but a great big telly fest. The end result of slumping in front of the telly for hours and hours on end is that now I can’t sleep. Bugger it.

What happened then?

As planned, Boofuls and me set of to Len’s Mum and Dad’s for drinkies and buffet with their extended family.

On the way there we both voiced our concern to each other that we felt a bit like we were gatecrashing a family event – even though we’d been invited.

You know that feeling when a group is really comfortable together and then new people come along and change the dynamic, creating a bit of an atmosphere? Well it was a bit like that. Everyone was trying really hard but it was, well,  hard.  So we made our excuses after a short while and left as we felt we were ruining what would otherwise have been a nice party.

So that was it. Wall to wall telly and chocolates. Groan. At least it was decent telly. Think I may need to go for a really long walk with Mrs Woofy tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ll get on with processing some photographs from a baby bump shoot I did last week. An hour or so of that should be soporific enough to do the trick and send me off to the land of zzzzzzzzzzz’s



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