Well, that’s a poor do

Blimey. It’s been a week of health issues all round this week.

First I went to the doctor about my ‘women stuff’ to be told I’d have to have an operation.  NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went back a few days later to be told I wouldn’t have to have an operation. Right answer.  I’m quite attached to my bits and pieces, they may not be up to much but they’re mine and I like ’em.

This is the year I’ve decided once and for all that I’ve had enough of the flabby fifties and I’m aiming for the fit  nifty fifties. There’ll be no weight related diabetes for me  – the get fit campaign is well and truly on.

So, between walking Mrs Woofy, going to the gym, going to WeightWatchers, dancing and zumba classes I should be a size ten by tomorrow  – or at the latest by next week.

Boofuls and Big N seem to have caught a bit of my ‘get fit for summer’ fever and both present themselves down at the local leisure centre for an induction in the gym. If ever a place was misnamed it has to be the leisure centre, doesn’t it? My idea of leisure is sipping white zinfandel and munching on smoked salmon sandwiches and scones while lounging around on a chaise longue not getting all red in the face and busting a blood vessel trying to rid myself of my bat wings and various other wobbly bits ( brought on by drinking, munching and lounging along with a good old dose of middle age spread).

But anyway, I digress.

Big N and Boofuls turned up at the appointed time for their health check and gym induction – and both got turned down for membership as being too unfit to get fit!

Well. It’s a poor do when you’re to unfit to get fit.

They sat there like the blood pressure twins, between them having a high enough blood pressure to keep several average sized steam engines pumping.

Oh. My. God.

There’s a wake up call if ever I’ve seen one.   Let’s hope that they act on it – and quickly.



The update to this post is that they  both have an appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday morning so hopefully that’ll set them on the road to health and fitness.


2 thoughts on “Well, that’s a poor do”

  1. It’s crazy that a fitness center won’t allow someone membership because they are unfit. Isn’t that the purpose of a fitness center? How is one supposed to get fit if one can’t join a fitness center to have proper guidance on how to become fit?

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