Cold. Warm. Hot. Hotter. Oh my God!

Friday night saw us packing up all the wedding albums, prints, super duper new banner and all sorts of other paraphernalia into the car and sliding our way to Manchester to set up for the wedding show.

At this particular wedding show we need to set up on Friday night for the whole weekend. Then we have to back on our perch by 8.45 Saturday morning ready to greet the punters as the shopping centre opens so it’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and a lot of faffing about but for a two day event in the city centre we reckoned it would be worth it.


Our allocated table was between the two sets of doors to the centre. Every time one or the other, or worse, both doors opened, we were hit by an icy blast of air. Combine that with the fact that we were dressed for business and not for outside in the dead of winter and this huge, glass domed roof shopping centre had no heating at all, I think it’s fair to say we were all a bit chilly.

We were chilly to the point that one exhibitor went to buy extra clothes to wear, Boofuls and me were holding on to the lightbulbs on our display to try and get a bit of warmth from them and the poor girl next to us kept coming onto our  stand to do the same. her poor lips were blue with the cold. She spent more time handing out our information than hers but she thought it was a small price  to pay to avoid hypothermia. We did little dances on the cold marble floor to keep warm when no one was watching, well, when we thought no one was watching, and we spent a lot of time blowing on our fingers and nipping into shops for a quick warm. A couple of hours wouldn’t have been too bad but we were there from 8.30 am till 6 pm.

The trouble with that kind of cold is that the brain and the mouth both cease to function properly. Everyone was tripping over their words and generally having a rotten day. I can only imagine how the poor models felt having to get undressed and then float around in strapless dresses.

On Sunday morning we dressed in a few more layers and Boofuls had the brilliant idea of taking our little fan heater with us to stick under the table to at least keep our feet warm. The lady on the next display stand came and placed herself behind our table, happily handing out our leaflets and chatting about our albums, she was doing a fantastic job. She seemed so happy to be there that I didn’t have the heart to move her on and back to her own display.

Just after the second fashion show of the day had finished, we had a little flurry of activity at the stand. All three of us were engaged in animated conversations when suddenly, POP! All the lights and the slideshow on the display went out.  Oh bugger. Everyone stood and looked at each other for a moment but too busy to investigate, we carried on chatting. That was a mistake.

Within a minute there was the acrid smell of smoke in the air. Oh no! “Boofuls, I can smell smoke.”

“No, no, It’s alright”, he replied.

“Seriously, Boofuls, I can smell smoke.” “So can I”, piped up the woman I was chatting with.

Boofuls took a look under the table and discovered that our large extension lead was pouring with smoke. Oh my Gawd!  It was quickly removed out of the building where he discovered that the wires had burnt right through and we’d been lucky not to have a full scale fire on our hands.

Bloody fan heater!  It had overloaded the circuit.  Next time we’ll just have to freeze. Oh the joys of exhibiting. Ooh, we get to do it all again on Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Cold. Warm. Hot. Hotter. Oh my God!”

  1. Glad you were OK. I had the exact opposite experience at my office. It was 90 degrees in my office with no windows to open to cool things off. I was dressed for the below freezing temperatures outside. It’s a good thing I am not going through menopause or I would have burst into flame.

    1. I can tell you the menopause didn’t help one little bit. Hope you got your office sorted out, if not, may I suggest layering? ;-D

      1. Thanks for the layering suggestion. I was layered and I peeled off every layer that it was socially acceptable to remove. Thankfully, today it is a more tolerable temperature.

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