Brushing up on interview techniques

I’m going for an interview today and it’s fair to say I’m more than a bit nervous in case I put my foot in it or say just  plain stupid.

In fact, it’s not just me who’s going for the interview, Boofuls is going as well.

‘Hang on’, I hear you say, ‘An interview? Don’t you have your own businesses?’

Well, yes. It’s not a job interview.

It’s an interview to see if Boofuls and me are suitable candidates to give a home to  an 11 week old golden retriever rescue puppy.  It’s all the fault of  Dory who writes If I Were Brave . She posted a photo of a gorgeous golden retriever on her blog the other day and it brought me right back to my senses. Thanks for the reality check, Dory.

I don’t want a designer dog, I want a real dog not a trumped up mongrel at a stupidly inflated price (they do look cute though – as most mongrels do).  I’ve only ever really wanted a golden retriever. What the hell was I thinking, looking at designer dogs?

Once my heart and brain had taken control again after being dazzled by the designer dogs I took a shufti round some of the local breeders, then I clicked on the rescue site. My sister’s warning was ringing in my ears as loudly as if she was stood next to me; “Don’t do it, Les (no one gets away with calling me Les except my brothers and sisters, I hate it) Don’t do it, you’ll only be taking on someone else’s issues and it could all end in disaster.”

Nonetheless, I called the number and spoke to a very nice lady called Jan. Told her the whole story, including how I’ve never had a dog. At that  part of the conversation her  “Hhhmm” took a downward tone. When I told her that we lived on a farm then the “Hhmm” took  a very definite upward tone. Most of the Hhmm’s following her leading questions were quite noncommittal but I must have said some of the right stuff because at the end of the conversation she informed me that they had two 11 week old puppies and would I like to go and see them. Another leading question which really meant, “Come and be interviewed.”

So that’s today at 1pm. Send out your positive vibes for us, won’t you?

Mrs Woofy was amazing at agility class last night. Every round was a clear round with only one disqualification for a teeny little back jump and that was my fault for getting in her way. The dog’s a genius! The charging round like a fool and searching out horse poo snacks seem to be a thing of the past. maybe I’m not quite so worried about the competition in June after all.


7 thoughts on “Brushing up on interview techniques”

  1. We were given a five year old Labbie, Spice last year. She was picked up with no hair on her body, starving and a big gash on her head. She was rehabilitated and that’s when we got her. Spice is an asset to this family. An absolute treasure, she fits in, has manners, loves my kids, NEVER wees or poos in the house and adores food. I’m so pleased she crossed our paths. She is very protective of Molly, my cerebral palsy daughter. The kids romp with her and play and she loves them to bits.
    Good luck and I hope you find your ‘Spice’.

    1. I think you and Spice are lucky to have each other, obviously you were meant to find each other. It’s just a shame she had to suffer so much first. I love a happy ending.

  2. We have a cat but I have always been a dog person. A large dog person, to be more precised. I like all of them but the big ones you may hug and take all the long walks you want. Then to share their joy with rolling in the grass together;-)

    1. I agree totally wth all that except the rolling in the grass bit. That’s only because Mrs Woofy did it last week and ended up with another dog’s poo all over her face. Cleaning up off with grass and trying not to puke didn’t get my day off to the best start!

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