Meet the latest addition to the family

Ok, you’re all dying to know. How did the interview go?

What interview? All that stress for nothing.

There I was all nervous and worked up, worried that they’d take one look at us and announce us to be unfit as dog owners. It was nothing like that.

We got to the lady’s house at exactly the appointed time. She came out to meet us,  directed us to follow her to the kennels, jumped in her car and off we went for a nice fifteen minute jaunt through the countryside to the rescue centre.

“Well, they must be going to interview us there then.”


I must have done a good enough job on the phone as she really seemed to think it was a done deal. No further questions M’lud.

A little white ball of fluff was brought out to meet us. I’d like to say that he was gorgeous but he was covered in wee, smelly, wet and had obviously just been fast asleep as he was blinking his eyes against the sunlight and looking more than a bit dopey. He looked small, bedraggled and pathetic  as he  gave me a look that said, ‘I’m really scared.’  How to get straight to my heart strings in one easy lesson.

“Look for intelligence in his eyes” my sister had said.  Not much sign of that initially but within a couple of minutes he had come round enough to have worked out that I had dog treats in my pocket. That was it – I was his new best friend.  As he woke up more, and began to relax a bit with yet more unfamiliar people, we saw more and more of his personality shine through. I think we’re all going to get on splendidly!

While I was getting to know puppy no name the lady from the rescue centre was filling us in on his background. He and his brother had both been bought by totally unsuitable people as designer accessories  ( she told us scathingly)  early this month. It took the new owners about a day to realise that rearing one puppy  is hard work never mind two. Last weekend they decided the couldn’t cope any longer and  handed the pups in at the rescue centre. I think it’s fair to say she wasn’t totally impressed.

It makes me angry that people don’t think through these decisions before buying a dog. Once you have one it’s part of the family for a long time.  It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s taken Boofuls and me a lot of soul searching to decide to get a dog and now we’ve got one – or will have on Saturday when we can pick him up – we are committed to making that dog a valued member of our family.

I’m not trying to take any moral high ground or say that I’m a better/kinder/nicer person (I’m really not! ) than these people and I’m well aware that there are times when people have to get rid of dogs as circumstances change in their lives and sadly the only thing they can do is send it to a rescue centre That’s a whole different scenario to the one that these two little chaps found themselves in  ie. nothing more than a discarded toy.  Gggrrr. I’ll stop now before I start ranting.

So here he is, puppy no name.



We thought it would be fun to have a little competition to see what names people come up with. We have a couple in mind but you might have an even better idea. There will be a prize of a small amount of kudos if we pick the name you come up with. If we don’t like any of them then we’ll just ignore you and go with what we thought. Sounds fair to me!


12 thoughts on “Meet the latest addition to the family”

    1. Now that he’s got a massive face he’s still cute. Mostly. Someone said we should call him Jet as he is so obviously not black. Lots of people suggested Marley as they have no imagination and had obviously seen that irritating film. I quite liked Bear as he looked like a polar bear, Floyd in an homage to Pink Floyd but Boofuls didn’t like that. Then I suggested Bailey but that reminded Boofuls of someone he didn’t like. So difficult!! In the end we decided that Bentley suited him best; classy and sophisticated. I know, he is neither of those things but we love him anyway 😀

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