So very tired

I’m sitting here all bleary eyed and knackered after being woken up at fecking twenty past fecking six afeckingain by the puppy who thinks the boiler coming on is a wake up call. Excuse my French.

Wandering around our field in my dressing gown and wellies is now a daily occurrence, I think our nearest neighbour, the one who’s house overloooks our field, thinks I’ve got Alzheimer’s or something. “Ooh look love. There she is again, wandering around in her nightclothes. Poor thing,”

The downside of these near naked, nearly nocturnal wanderings is that I’m now full of a cold and permanently knackered.  I’ll be glad when puppy can hold his wee for more than a nanosecond after realising he needs one.


On our way back from yet another wedding fair on Tuesday night, I noticed that the sat nav map looked amazingly like lady bits. I wonder if the person who designed that road layout realised that it looks exactly like fallopian tubes, ovaries and a perfectly shaped uterus? That made me laugh all the way home.

Maybe they did it on purpose because that road is on an ancient fertility site or something. Or perhaps it was a joke. Although if I was going to make a joke road layout I’d probably have made it look like  a huge willy. I know, I know, I’m a twelve year old boy trapped in the body of a middle aged woman.


Well, it’s  a bit late since it’s been and gone but, Happy St Davids Day. I Hope you wore your daffodil and slayed a few Welsh dragons. St David’s Day is a sure sign that spring is on it’s way, and sure enough the weather has been gorgeous for the last couple of days. It’s precipitating persistently right now because I’m due to do two engagement shoots today and was hoping to take the couple to the local park. Ho hum.

As I sit here I’m trying to work up enough energy to get ready to go to my zumba class at 9.15 and failing.



One thought on “So very tired”

  1. Re wondering around dressed casually – my uncle was afraid that someone is gonna turn him in as a sex predator for wonderding around in the middle of night in his pj. He has a dog that likes to run away before bed time. Yes, the dog gets his evening walk, but for some reason founds amusing to be chased around the house at that time.

    What to say about the nav system…You said enough 😉

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