Don’t laugh!

It’s really, really hard to hold a serious conversation on the phone with a Very Important Business Organisation about the event for International Women’s Day when there is a puppy under your desk licking your legs.

I was going blue in the face during my efforts not to laugh out loud. All attempts to shake the little bugger off failed so I was reduced to biting my bottom lip and keeping my answers as short as possible so the quiver in my voice was kept to a minimum and hopefully they’d think it was only because I was nervous. I mean, the possibilities for misconstrual were enormous.  “Oh really? ‘Puppy’ licking your leg? I’ve heard some euphemisms in my time.”

So. yesterday was the big event for International Women’s day. I’m wasn’t speaking after all. I was jettisoned in favour of a female chocolatier. Can’t say as I blame them. Listen to some bird waffling on about photography or wallow in chocolate for half an hour? It’s a no brainer, I’d have picked her as well.  I did however do the photographs and got an exhibition table gratis for the privilege. Fair exchange being no robbery, as they say.

The event was perfectly planned to appeal to women, networking aka gossiping, cake, jewels, chocolate  and massage all under one roof. Batty, as a budding entrepreneur, came with me. I’m not sure she was totally impressed by all the speeches but we were all blown away by the entertainment of the day, a performance by Hollie Steel. She has a voice like an angel and she’s only 13,  A Katherine Jenkins in the making, I feel.  I struggled to photograph her because I couldn’t hold back the tears as she sang Nessum Dorma.

It should have been a fantastic event, all the elements were in place, the only thing missing was delegates. It was really poorly attended, I felt quite sorry for the organisers who had put such a lot of work into making it all happen only to have it hover on the brink of failure due to apathy.

As we all know the Devil makes work for idle hands and I was getting bored so the other entertainment of the day, for Batty, was when I stopped, mid networking, to dance to ‘Mama do the Hump’. She stared at me open mouthed for a minute before doubling up with laughter at her Nan, booted and suited giving it plenty at a business exhibition to a rap band. An act that did not go un-noticed by the dj. Well, it was all getting a bit too stuffy for my taste.

It’s proud grandma time!!!

Batty has once again amazed everyone and became the proud recipient of a Blue Peter badge.  Every child in this country has grown up knowing how to make a telephone with a piece of string and two bean tins because of Blue Peter, it’s a national institution. Getting a Blue Peter badge is like winning the lottery – and almost as lucrative. She’s been offered hundreds of pounds for it.

Have a read and se what she did to get it. The girl’s a genius!

Blue Peter badge winner


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