The wedding season starts

We have the first wedding of this season today. It’s always extra exciting, the first one of the season.

I spend most of the week looking at the weather forecast, I don’t know why. It’s not like I can get a different weather if I don’t like the one we’ve been given.  I also do  lots of test shoots to make sure all the kit is working correctly even though I’ve been using it constantly all year. Having checked and double checked everything twice I’m relatively happy that everything is in order.

If only the clients knew how keyed up I get before a wedding. I mean, it’s not like we can redo it if it’s wrong is it? No second chances here!

Once we get to the venue I’ll be fine, adrenalin kicks in and I have a ball. Until them I suffer from photographers’ stage fright and feel physically sick.



So. Altogether now:

Happy birthday to you  etc etc

It’s my birthday today. Happy birthday to me. Isn’t it funny how social networking changes things in your life? Dozens of people who wouldn’t dream of sending me a birthday card or a text message to say happy birthday have been a bit quick off the mark this morning and sent birthday wishes via Facebook. What s a lovely start to the day.

Well, actually, my real start to the day was walking the dog, Velcro, round the moors at 7 o’clock in the rain. Not a bad way to start the day, I do enjoy a stroll in nice soft rain when the rest of the world is still asleep.

Since I’m now officially well into my fifties, I decided to join the nifty fifties zumba class at the gym.

Oh deary me.

I think they should have called it the knackered nineties.

It’s fair to say I felt and looked a teensy bit out of place in the sea of grey hair. The instructor came over to me, looked me up and down and asked me what she needed to know about me, did I have a pacemaker, bad hips or arthritis? At this point I was beginning to feel decidedly geriatric. I did mention an old shoulder injury which means I can’t fling my right arm round like I used to. ” There’s no flinging of anything in this class.” I was informed tersely.

The class started at a gentle pace, leaving me thinking it was going to be a very long hour but at least the music was good. The instructor shouted out the moves along with occasional warnings, “HIP ISSUES HERE Don’t let your foot go over the centre of your body.” Then looking at me and realising I wasn’t even breaking a sweat. “YOU! Work to your normal pace!”  So I did and thoroughly enjoyed my little (not so little) self.

Proper made my day, being too young and fit for the nifty fifties zumba. Think I may sign up for the armchair aerobics next week. It’s so good for my ego.


3 thoughts on “The wedding season starts”

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s quite fun having my birthday on St Patricks day – especially since my Dad was a Scot, my MUm was Welsh and I was born in England I can truly call myself British through and through!!

      With regard to the photography, Boofuls always said that as long as you look and sound confident everyone will believe you are confident. It works! I don’t think anyone has ever guessed I’m having a mini nervous breakdown.

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