Pet panics

Bit of a sad post, this.

It started off as a bit of black humour last week when Munki’s  hamster died after only a couple of weeks.

“What the hell am I going to  tell Munki?” Lashes hissed at me in a stage whisper over the phone so Munki wouldn’t hear,  “She’ll be heartbroken if she finds out Herbie’s died.” Then in a moment of decision she said firmly, ”

I’m not going to tell her, I’ll just get a looky like replacement.” So after a bit of skullduggery and a clandestine trip to the pet shop, Herbie MkII was brought home and deposited in Herbie MkI’s suitably cleaned out and sterilised cage. It’s fair to say that Herbie MkII was lacking a couple of important features that Herbie MkI had but we didn’t think Munki would notice Herbie has suddenly turned into  Herbetta.

The other think  strikingly evident was that Herbetta has teeny tiny teeth compared to Herbie who was decidedly long in the tooth.

“They sold you a geriatric hamster. No wonder he popped off, he must have been 150 in hamster years.” And so followed many a joke about hamsters shuffling off their mortal coil and going to that big  hamster wheel in the sky.

Lashes wisely left Herbetta to settle in to her new home and her new identity living life as a male. Checking regularly that food, water and clean bedding were all topped  up,  they haven’t really had a lot of dealings with little Herbetta till Lashes noticed last night that she seemed a bit wet around her little hamster face but otherwise ok.

By this morning it became evident that the poor little thing was very ill indeed.  A trip to the vet was rapidly scheduled and the hamster was sedated so they could do a proper examination The end result was that little Herbetta lost an eye. What happened no one knows. Poor Lashes is beside herself that this poor creature has been suffering and she didn’t know.

“It’s only a hamster.” People have said. “Not worth spending a lot on vet fees for.” People have opined.

Sorry?  Did you say only a hamster? I suggest you keep those opinions under your hat.

It’s a life.

It’s a life that has been suffering and unable to help itself. Yes, there will be a vet bill for more several times more than she paid for the hamster but you know what? The importance and value  of a life doesn’t diminish exponentially with the size of the species involved. Your pet is your pet, a part of your family,  no matter how big or small they are.

So, I’m going to ask you to say a prayer tonight  for little Herbetta. If she makes it through the night then her chances of survival will greatly increase and she may very well live a long and happy life as Herbetta, the one eyed pirate hamster.


While Herbetta was undergoing surgery, I was out for a walk with Mrs Woofy, Velcrodog, The Rev, Gembolina and Munki.

Velcrodog launched herself at Mrs Woofy who did a very nifty avoidance side step and the end result was that Velcrodog tumbled down a slope, landing in an ungainly heap at the bottom in a muddy puddle.

Then the howling started.

He was liked the Hound of the Baskervilles. WOOOOO-OOOOOO-OOOO   yelp! yelp! yelp!  WOOOO-OOOOOO-OOOOOO!!

Everyone within a mile radius turned round to see what was going on.  Like a footballer, rolling on the ground clutching their injured limb and shouting ‘FOUL!’ Velcrodog  played it up for all he was worth. To the point where we all thought he’d broken his leg.

“Hello? Is that the vet? I need to bring my dog in straight away.”

While I was talking I was thinking,  thank God I got the pet insurance sorted out good and quickly. Not like me at all.

By the time we got to the vet, Velcrodog was walking happily on all four of his legs and looking very chipper. After a thorough examination the vet declared him to be no more than a  very talented drama queen.

Well, Drama Queen. That little performance cost me £43!

Pets, eh? It’s a good job we love ’em!


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