Pussycat, Pussycat, where have you been?

I’ve been to London to visit the Queen

Pussycat, Pussycat, what did you there?

I frightened a little mouse under her chair.


No, that cats haven’t been to London but Boofuls has.

No, not to see the Queen but to see a couple of clients.

The plan was that he’s drive down on Sunday, see one client Monday and the other on Tuesday, then drive back.

Boofuls being Boofuls aka Superman, drove down, saw both clients, did the biz brilliantly and then drove back – all in the same day. It’s fair to say that his eyes were out on stalks by the time he got home last night but as he says, “You can’t beat your own bed.”  Sometimes he amazes me.


Bit of a low key week, this week. My plan is to get on with painting the canteen at work alongside training Velcrodog and I might even make a start on my accounts (yup, it’s that quiet). Velcrodog didn’t start the day by getting  on my good side this morning. After getting me up at 6 a.m. for his customary morning wee, he and I both went back to our respective beds. he decided that he’d had enough sleep so he barked constantly for the next hour until we got up – and then the little git went straight to sleep!  Gggrrrr.

The Rev came dog training with me last night  and decided that he was going to run Mrs Woofy, she is, after all, his dog.  He’s never done it before so I watched with interest. He ran her brilliantly. Far better than I ever do, the bloke’s a natural. My kids make me so proud sometimes that I could weep.  Sometimes they make me so angry and frustrated I could weep. So it all balances out.

Since they left teenagehood though it tends to err on the side of the former. *thinks* really?

Ah well, that’s enough chat. Better get today started. Come on, Velcrodog.



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