Phase one complete

So, phase one of the retirement plan has been implemented. We’ve put our house back on the market.

All we have to do now is sit back and wait for the offers to roll in.

The Gods were kind to us today when the estate agent’s photographer turned up, the sun most definitely had his hat on and this house looks gorgeous in the sunshine, if I do say so myself.

I’d like to say I was kind to the photographer but I think turning up an hour early was bit naughty. I hadn’t finished, primping, preening and staging the house. In fact I hadn’t even started on the office debris so I made it a no go area. Not  that it seemed to matter,  it took him about two minutes to shoot photos of the inside but about half an hour to do the outside, it was a full on “House Beautiful’  style shoot except without the interior shots. He even told me to shift my car  right off the track so he could get more artistic shots.  I  look forward to seeing the results.

I’m hoping that we will sell the house fairly quickly as I’ve seen one that would be perfect for us and I’d hate to lose it so I’d appreciate it if you all kept your fingers and toes crossed for us and sent positive vibes out to the universe.

Most of the last few days has been spent tidying up and generally beautifying the place inside and out. Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon spreading a ton of gravel onto the track to fill up some of the potholes. After I’d finished that I moved a pile of breeze blocks and sandbags to the stable, out of sight, out of mind, as they say. My poor back thought it was broken by the time Boofuls got home from work. It still thought it was broken this morning, which made for a most unfortunate gait as I walked the dog. Today I’ve been repairing fences and teaching the dog to play football.

You’d think I’d have lost loads of weight, wouldn’t you?

So how the hell did I manage to put a pound ON?  *thinks* birthday, Mother’s day, meals out, drinking, no  (Weightwatchers) points Thursday, chocolate……….better change the subject sharpish…

So, moving swiftly on…….

Of course the estate agent’s photographer was totally charmed by the puppy. I’ve never known a dog attract so much attention. He’s a proper babe magnet,  mind you, he is  handsome bugger. He’s having to learn a whole host of names at the moment as his name changes according to who’s speaking to him and what kind of mood they’re in.

Names at the moment include, Velcrodog, Monkeydog, Doggie, Dougie, Lovely boy, Little fella, Reggie and Buggerlugs. Strangely enough, he responds to all of them.

Boofuls came with me to the puppy training class tonight. Apart from the appalling racket, he actually found it quite interesting. He thought that there might be an injection available to stop the aggressive Westie barking. I told him that wasn’t a suitable joke for a dog club. He told me he wasn’t joking.

“Shuddup!  ( in a stage whisper) You’ll get lynched! This lot are proper dyed in the wool dog lovers who won’t hear a word against their misunderstood darlings.”

What he found most interesting is how training methods have changed since he last had a dog in the seventies. In those days it was all about dominating the dog, now it’s all about reward based training. I know which I prefer, happy, relaxed dogs and owners. I’ve been asked to do a portrait evening again this year, a kind of school photos for dogs. Should be fun. I wonder if my arm will be munched on by a rotweiler again?

I made a poster to advertise it  ( the portrait evening, not the arm munching) and decided not to go down the usual twee route of cute photos and soft focus but to do something a bit more fun. I hope it doesn’t backfire. What do you think?



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