Saturday night telly

Not a lot goes on round here on a Saturday night. The days of going  clubbing are long behind us and we’re usually happy to sit in and watch easy on the brain and insulting to the intellect tv, have a glass of wine and for a special treat a nice bar of Whole Nut.  We spend all week thinking and it’s nice to give the brain a night off on Saturday – and Sunday if the wine goes down too well.

I’m a bit ashamed to say that I really enjoy watching ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. If someone came to the front door while I was watching it I’d turn the telly off before letting them in. Guilty secrets are best kept as exactly that; secrets.

So what makes it such a good watch?

The buffoons make us laugh. The feisty talentless performers who argue with the judges make us cringe. The jeering audience always makes me feel like I’m watching the crowd baying for blood at  a gladiatorial game. As Saturday night entertainment goes it’s got the lot – well maybe not much in the way of sophistication but who am I to judge when I’m sitting there in my nightie and slippers?

The whole point of watching it, certainly in the audition stage of the series is to laugh and point at the wannabees. However, just occasionally an act comes along that shakes us to our very core.

Take a look at this Youtube clip and tell me if you managed to get all the way through without crying. I sobbed like a baby as I watched, for reasons that will all become apparent when you see it.

Britain most certainly has got talent and thank God that programmes like these mange to unearth talent that may never be discovered otherwise.


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