Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!



Out for a stroll today in temperatures unheard of for March, Dougie the doggie decided to take a leaf out of the hippopotamuses…er…..hippopotami…er….hippos in Flanders and Swann’s song and have a little wallow in the mud to cool himself down. I’m not absolutely sure he wanted quite as much mud as he actually got. He took a flying leap into it, sank up to his shoulders and got totally stuck. Guess who had to wade in and rescue him. Yup. Yours truly.

By way of thanks, while I was still sitting on the bank checking him over to make sure he wasn’t hurt he decided to have a good shake so I ended up wearing quite a lot of it. The walk back to the car was soggy and smelly to say the least.

Tell me again why I wanted a dog?

Here he is still feeling a bit sorry for himself. Oi! What about feeling sorry for me? My nerves are in tatters!


This was after a good rub down with a towel. Nothing else for it then, home for a quick bath….


before a nice picnic on the field with Munki.


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