Can you just…….?

If I hear one more, ‘Can you just…?’ I’m going to become more than a little unladylike.  It’s all getting far beyond a joke.


Somehow I seem to have become everyone’s free photographer/advisor/trainer/counsellor/legal expert and  go between.

Following on from last week’s ‘friend’ nicking my photos, I’ve since been asked:


“Can you just do a photoshoot of my new display “I’ll credit you in the book when I write it”

Big woo. What a fantastic carrot that is: ‘I’ll credit you in my non existent book if I ever get round to writing it.’ I can hardly contain myself.


“Can you just give me few pointers on how  to get the best from my new camera?”

‘Yes I can, See this?  They call it an instruction book. Read it.’


“Can you just teach me how to take better photos?”

‘Yes. Use your camera. Failing that, go  to college and learn how to do it.’


“Can you just tell me how to get  my product into  wedding fairs?”

‘Do your research and make a few phone calls like I had to.’

This one particularly pissed me off as he then wrote back to me and complained the contact I gave him wasn’t very helpful. Well sod off and find your own contacts then.


“Can you just  fill me in on copyright law?”



Of course all the answers  here are in my head and not what came out of my mouth. I’m feeling well and truly used and abused by just about everyone at the moment. I did all my own legwork when I started my business. Why does everyone else seem to want me to hand them all my knowledge or expertise on a plate?

Quite often people phone me for information,  I jump onto my computer  (not literally but it’s oh so tempting) and find them the answer in about a minute via Google. If I can do it, why can’t they?

I’m within a gnat’s knacker of exploding at the next person who approaches me with  one more stupid  ‘Can you just…’ request.

The answer, I know, is in my own hands. All it takes is a simple ‘no.’ I know this but I can’t seem to get the word out of my mouth.

Can you just teach me how to do it?




3 thoughts on “Can you just…….?”

  1. OK, 2 years ago my best and only have actually thrown away his cell for these things. He had it. There were at least 10 (can you bealive it?!?) questions/favours/etc per DAY from varios people like this. So, now we are functioning this way – yes, he has a cell phone but only, and only for me, the lovely doughter and his parents. The rest of the people (this includes his FB site too) are communicating through me. Meaning, if someone and when someone pushes his/hers “urgent need” I decide if it is worth it or just say that he is out shooting the landscape, very busy, and that I will try to give him the msg when he comes back. And no, I don`t when is he coming back. He is thrilled with it.

      1. Try it, if you have someone who can filter the things for you. He is happy as a king now. And people are much more careful with me then they are with him. Soft as he is, must be for that artistic soul of his, he just can`t refuse people. Oh, but I can! 😉

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