Happy St George’s Day!

It’s nice to see this new wave of patriotism that’s been sweeping the country due to last year’s Royal wedding and this year’s jubilee celebrations. Everywhere we go lately there are flags emblazoned with the cross of St George flying proudly. Makes me proud to be British *wipes tear from eye*.

It does irritate me slightly that of the hundreds of flags flying in our town centre that they have felt the need to print the word ‘England’ across the centre of them. I think we should be able to recognise our own flag without having to have our country’s name on it – or is that just me?

Source: http://www.picturesofengland.com/englandflags/


St George’s Day has been undergoing a resurgence of popularity in recent years, it’s  not unusual now for organisations to hand out red roses in town centres in order to commemorate the occasion. I like that. I’ve never been on the receiving end of a red rose myself on St George’s day but I think it’s a lovely idea. Let’s hope it becomes a firmly entrenched tradition. God! Hark at me, I’ll be joining one of the societies dedicated to preserving ‘Old England’ next. ‘ Actually, probably not, patriotism can quickly  turn into racism if you’re not careful and we all know my views on racism.

Talking of lovely, Boofuls and me have had a lovely few days together on our staycation. We popped back over to St Anne’s again yesterday, just because we could  – and because it will be out last chance till October as dogs aren’t allowed on the beach between May and October. It’s a shame but I can see why. Our new favourite cafe didn’t disappoint and of course the doggie drew the crowds as only a cute puppy can. It takes us so long to get anywhere due to adoring fans following in Douggie the doggie’s wake.

A nice stroll on a sunny and warm beach, a posh coffee and a hot roast beef sarnie in the caff, sounds like a perfect day out.





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