Think I may have started something!

While I was at my Weight Watcher’s meeting last Thursday (going very well, thank you!), the leader talked about geocaching.

Wow! That sounds like fun, I thought. A treasure hunt using technology instead of a pirate’s map. That sounds like a good way to make a walk more interesting.  I fancy a go at that.

Now, I didn’t have to think long to work out which of my family would be the most interested in something like this. The Rev. Obvious choice. Likes a walk, likes technology,  likes a challenge and a big fan of the Crystal Maze. Ha! Gotcha!

Text: Fancy going geocaching?

Answer: Geo-wut?

The end result was that the following day, having downloaded the appropriate app we found ourselves walking far further than we thought and frantically searching through the undergrowth at the edge of a road for a small plastic box containing a football fixtures list, a notebook and pen.

I can only imagine what passers by and drivers thought as they went past. There we were, walking up and down the same stretch of road, waving our mobile phones around and obviously looking for something. No. We didn’t look at all suspicious!! The excitement was palpable. Even the dogs seemed to pick up on it. We searched for a good twenty minutes at the specified location. Did we find the cache? Did we heck!

The end result was that our first foray into geocaching was a big fail.

To be fair, there was so much other stuff there in the way of discarded take away cartons, cans, plastic bottles and various other genres of litter that we didn’t feel to encouraged to get our hands in there and have a good rummage for fear of what we might find.

Or was it?

We had a lovely walk, a nice time together, it’s not too often I get to spend quality time with number 1 son, we burned a few calories, we enjoyed the excitement of the search ( It took us a loooong time before we decided to give in ) and the dogs enjoyed the fresh air. Not a total waste of a morning after all then.

Once The Rev got home he checked the cache log and  discovered that the cache we’d been searching for had been stolen/removed (?!?) a few times previously. Maybe it wasn’t so much a fail as scuppered by persons unknown.

This afternoon I got a text from The Rev to say that he’s paid for – actually PAID FOR the full geocaching app rather than the freebie “taster app’ that we downloaded last week and  he’s spent the afternoon out in the pouring rain with Gembolina and the kids having a whale ( Yes it was so wet there were actual whales!!)  of a time geocaching in the woods. They even managed to find the cache!

Yup, I’ve definitely started something!



2 thoughts on “Think I may have started something!”

  1. You generally start something new by accident never intending it to take over. I was the same, began on a whim and addicted now. I even cached abroad on a mini break – that’s dedicated for you.

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