We’re not virgins anymore!

So, this thing I’ve started, the geocaching, has taken off in a big way.  The Rev and Genbolina took the kids and Mrs Woofy out on Sunday in the pouring rain and found four caches.

Len and me were supposed to go this afternoon but he cried off leaving me to get on with some work I really should have been getting on with anyway. So I suppose he did me a favour.

This evening Boofuls and me set off geocaching to a location that I knew didn’t involve a lot of walking. In fact we stopped the car about 1 metre away from the treasure. I found the location and did all the rummaging around in the undergrowth, Boofuls got out the car and said “It’s there.” Dammit! He’s just so jammy!

How silly to be so excited about finding a little plastic box with bits of trivia in it but excited we were. It was great fun. I didn’t think Boofuls was that bothered about it all but on the way home he suggested we try and find some more. Aye, get your walking boots on, Buddy.

Most of the ones I looked at were well off the road so not a lot of use  for him if he  has to walk to find them.

So there we are, Boofuls and me are no longer geocache virgins. I can’t wait to get out and do some more.

It’s a shame that Douggie the doggie is still limited to half hour walks – I got told off by the woman who runs the rescue centre for walking him too much. Still, he’ll be five months old on Thursday, only another three months and we can go where we like – and take Mrs Woofy with us. I miss Mrs Woofy.

The Rev has taken over running her at the agility class, and very good at is he is too. Well, until last week when he pulled a muscle in his er….leg.

Still not really being able to move faster than a slow hobble,  he asked me to run her last night. Of course that aroused interest from the other dog owners;

“Oh, Rev, Why aren’t you running Mrs Woofy tonight?”  “Um, well, I’ve pulled a muscle in my leg.”

Well, I’m sorry but the devil got hold of me and made me do it; “Was it your leg, Rev?” The other ladies were not slow in picking up on my innocently worded question and ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ expression and much ribald  hilarity followed. Poor Rev got redder and redder in the face, all of which served to fuel the banter even more. Hehehee. So funny.

Douggie the doggie, was there with me last night. Obviously he isn’t allowed to join in (with the agility, not the bawdy comments. I’m pretty certain he does join in with the conversation) he just goes for socialisation with the other dogs.

He  had a lovely time with all his doggie friends. I swear to God, he should have his own fan club. I have a veritable list of people who’d like to take him off my hands. BACK OFF, PEOPLE. He’s mine!!!!!

Here are a few photos of us on the beach at St Anne’s a coupe of weeks ago.


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7 thoughts on “We’re not virgins anymore!”

    1. It’s brilliant. I First heard about it on your blog a while ago and it’s been rolling round in my brain ever since. I wish I’d done it sooner.

      1. Cool! I’m so glad I got to introduce you to geocaching! It’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done and it takes me to places I’d never have seen otherwise. Enjoy! What’s your caching name?

      2. It’s fabulous and it’s gone viral round my family and friends. Everyone’s doing it!! A straightforward walk through the woods won’t be good enough ever again.

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