Saturday in Skipton

D’you know what?

I love my job. That’s what.

Yeah, I know, I moan and complain when I have too much work and not enough time  –   but the bit that I became a photographer for in the first place, you know, taking photos, I love that bit.

I love the locations we get to work in and 99% of the time I love the people we get to work with.

Last weekend it was a wedding in a magnificent church dating back to 1200.  No mod cons, no WiFi, nothing but centuries of people. I wonder how many people have been married in that church?   It amazes me that that church has been at the heart of that small community for hundreds of years and it’s still a huge part of that community. That’s longevity.

The wedding was lovely, the sun shone ( a bit too much for my liking but don’t tell the bride I pray for cloud not bright sunshine), the ceremony was moving, the bell ringers and choir sounded celestial and the vicar hit just the right balance between warmth and dignity, the service was neither cloyingly sweet nor fire and brimstone stern.

Anglican vicars can be a bit sniffy about photographers and it’s not unusual for us to be banished to the back  if it’s a C of E church. That really annoys me.

The most important part of the whole day is the ceremony. Everything else is window dressing. Telling us that we can’t photograph the only part of the day that really matters seems like madness to me. Catholic priests are generally far more obliging. With them we usually get a much appreciated, “Yes, it’s their wedding, do what you like.” Of course we never abuse that privilege. Photographers who move about or use flash during the ceremony should be hung, drawn and quartered in my opinion.

Oops, I seem to have slipped into a bit of a rant there. Hung, drawn and quartered a bit much?  You think?

Let’s move on……..

Moving on  – and talking of medieval punishments….

We have another wedding coming up in an historic building we haven’t worked in before so today we crossed over the border and ventured in Yorkshire to check out the medieval Skipton Castle.

Yup. A real honest to God castle.

Did I mention that I like working in lovely old buildings with lots of character and hundreds of years worth of history behind them?

I love my job.


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