Self pity is never attractive. I know this but it’s not stopping me having a good old wallow in it at the moment.

Feel free to move on to a less miserable blog, this one is preparing to be a proper moan fest. It won’t even be a properly structured and written post (is it ever?). Instead it’s just going to be a stream of consciousness straight from my brain to your screen.


There is not much I can say without gossiping about other peoples’ lives.  Hhhmmm.

I’m not a big fan of spreading stories about the misfortune of others. Let’s just leave this part with: Fate can be a nasty bitch sometimes.


That just leaves the stream of consciousness bit then.


I know I’ve reached my stress limit when I can’t string a coherent sentence together.  Stress limit?  What’s that? Where is my stress limit now?

Buggered if I know. I left that behind so long ago I can’t even remember where I left it.

I’m now at the point of burbling like a fool,  it took me at least five attempts to say the word ‘envelope’ yesterday, and blubbing like a baby every two minutes, my stomach is tied in knots and my poor brain just can’t absorb anything.

Why can’t life just spread the bad stuff out a bit instead of throwing it all at us at once?

A psychologist once said, and I quote: “If you think you aren’t coping then you really are coping. It’s the ones who don’t know they’re not coping who end up in hospital.”

Well that’s ok then. I don’t need to pack my nightie and toothbrush after all. Maybe the men in white coats aren’t quite as close behind me as I thought.


Excuse me now, I have to go and sit in a corner and rock for a while – about two months should do it.




5 thoughts on “Wallowing”

  1. Know exactly how you feel. It`s been like that for 9 months (now I guess I`m delivered 😉 and I coped hm….well, very well with it, until I have decided to be patient with two of our clients. The horrible, tacky, egomaniac clients. And I ended, after 3 months of it, with a high blood pressure (me??? I always had low bp) and a arythmia. And I said enough, I won`t kill myself for it.
    P.S. I am still thinking about calling the horrible tacky creature and give her my piece of mind. It looks like nobody done it before.

    1. I suppose it’s the awful clients who make us appreciate the nice ones even more. I hope your BP has settled down.

      Thanks for all your nice comments, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who reads my blog ;-D

      1. Oh I must say you are my favorite blogger. No really, your posts are the warmer and …hm…what`s the expression…they have the most human touch. And I mean it. There, now you can blush. :-p

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