Hang on, I’ll put my cossie on

Where have I been?

I told you. Hiding in a corner and rocking. It’s been bloody traumatic this last few weeks and it’s not getting any better.

Life has been knocking us from pillar to post leaving us reeling with shock before BAM! another blow takes us unawares.

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on all that.

It’s fair to say it’s been a bit rainy round here lately. So rainy in fact that roads are collapsing and buildings are falling down as their foundations are being washed away. I suppose that’s the downside (hahaaa; downside!!) of living in a town built on a hill. We even made the national news. Fame at last!

We arrived home one day to discover that the track to our house had become a river and our living room a lake. We spent a frantic few hours trying to mop up all the water and stop the flood by using towels stuffed under the door. Unfortunately, there was more water than we had towels so it all got a bit chaotic for a while. We got off lightly compared to many others in the town.  We had a months worth of rain in a few hours, even the ducks were taking shelter.

I’d like to say that it was an isolated incident but we’ve been having flash floods on an almost daily basis since.

Putting my waterproofs on to walk the dog was a pointless as they, ironically enough, were too wet to wear, never having time to dry out between outings.

 Boofuls and me spent a happy, ( that’s as in ‘it was one of the worst afternoons of my life’ kind of happy ) afternoon with breeze blocks, a ton of gravel and cement trying to repair the huge ravine that was once our track in order to make it driveable again. Even with a 4WD it was more than a bit iffy with eight inch deep holes everywhere it looked like land mines had exploded at regular intervals down it’s whole length. What a mess.
We stood back to admire our handiwork before running back to the house to avoid the next downpour – which undid a lot of our good work and created a whole new batch of craters to fill in.
On the plus side – so much of the track has been eroded that we are now able to see the original pack horse road that was the main road between our town and the next in the 1700 and 1800’s. We’ve uncovered a bit of history!

Here’s a photo or two of our track thinking it’s a river.




Fancy taking the dog our for a walk? Yeah, sure. I’ll go and put my swimming cossie on.

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