Who’s training who?

We’ve developed a nice little routine, me and Douggie the doggie. I roll out of bed in the morning, drag on whatever clothes are lying on the floor and then we set off for a nice walk to get the day off to a good a start. There are advantages to living where there are few other humans to be seen.

Once we’re back home I carry out the normal daily ablutions before settling myself at my computer to get on with some work  – facebooking, blogging, reading the news, you know, just generally  procrastinating for as long as possible before actually getting on with some real work .

After a couple of hours Douggie comes to see me to remind me that I need to take a break and give him some attention.

Friday morning was a bit different. Instead of going straight out of the house I’d decided a nice cup of hot water and a read of the news was the way to start the day. I heard a sigh next to me and as I looked down I saw Douggie standing there with his lead in his mouth and a look in his eye that implied he was more than ready for his morning walk.”Ok, ok, give me a minute.” Off we went for our walk.

Later that afternoon, still at my desk working (no really- I’ve a pile of albums to design)  I heard a familiar sigh. This time Douggie is sitting there with the shreds of his favourite allegedly indestructible Kong toy in his mouth. “No. I’m sorry, I can’t play with you now, I’m too busy.” The dog sighed and spat the toy out at my feet. Then he gave me a doleful look that would have melted an iceberg. ” Right! Five minutes, no more!”

I’m really not sure who’s doing the training around here.

The dog obedience classes we attend seem to be no more than a canine youth club. Douggie’s best friend is a miniature jack Russell called Millie. Her owner and I were chatting the other evening as we waited for the class to start. It was only when the trainer walked past and made the comment, “Would you like some salt with that?” that we realised Douggie had Millie’s whole head and shoulders in his mouth!

Oh my God! Poor thing!  He could have choked!





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