Well, you know, it’s like, it’s wanna them, innit?

“Well, y’know, it’s like wanna them, innit?”


A drunken conversation with a guest at a wedding recently made me shudder. It took all I could muster to not correct him and say “It’s one of THOSE, isn’t it?” I did resist the urge though as he was a total stranger and I thought it might be considered a bit rude. 

I didn’t actually find out what it was one of because the whole conversation was littered with, “It’s wanna them, innit?”  Trying to find out exactly what of the many what’s ( or do I mean ‘it’s’ ) was one of what was altogether too taxing for my little brain to deal with at that point.


Exactly! That’s my point!

I saw this on Facebook the other day and it really made me laugh, I shared it on my ‘wall’ but wondered how many people would understand it. 



 I didn’t think I managed to learn much at school but obviously something sank in on the few occasions I actually bothered to attend. Just think, If I’d gone to school on a regular basis I’d be an absolute boffin by now – brains bursting out everywhere!

 It’s turning into a bit of a mission really, correcting the poor grammar and sloppy conversations of our young and not so young citizens. I really need to learn to be more tolerant. As it is at the moment I have the tolerance level of your average wasp on a low biorythm day.  I’m spending most days trying to stop the steam coming out of my ears and ranting about rude/stupid/lazy/bullying people. A few weeks on a desert island would do me a world of good.
What a shame I didn’t win the Euromillions on Friday. I could have used £148 million to buy my very own desert island. In actual fact I was furious I didn’t win, I was convinced that this week was my turn.
Oh well, it wasn’t to be. It’s just wanna them, innit?



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