I need your positive thought, folks. Apart from sticking a rocket up the backsides of the people who are intending to buy our house but messing about  I’m not sure what else we can do to get things moving so altogether now……


It’s completely taking over our lives at the moment, every few minutes one of us will say, “What the hell is wrong with ’em? COME ON!!!”

We took our minds off the all consuming business of property sales and went up to the Lake District for a couple of days. We stayed in an old pub, The Crown at High Newton,  with uneven floors, beams, hops above the windows and bags of atmosphere. It was lovely  – and the food was to die for. All thoughts of dieting went out of the window as soon as I saw the menu.  My huge bowl of cullen skink arrived with great big wedges of home made bread to dip in the sauce. Delicious! Boofuls had requested a fillet steak on the first night and was disappointed to be told they only had sirloin. The chef went out ‘specially to get a fillet in for the night after. Now that’s impressive! Service like that I can work with.

For years Boofuls has compared all fillet steaks to that mind blowingly brilliant one he had in Stirling a few years ago. It’s finally been knocked off the No. 1 spot in the steak charts by the one prepared by the talented chef, Crawford on Tuesday. Steak, chips, mushrooms and a blue cheese sauce. Boofuls was a happy boy. It must be a Scottish thing. Crawford is a Scot, steak and Scots must go together like…like….well, steak and chips!

That, followed by sticky toffee pudding *loosens pants at the thought of it* meant I could hear my Weight Watcher leader screaming ‘NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don’t do it!!!!!!!’ from a hundred miles away!

Worth every calorie and a nice treat after a crap weekend.  We mooched about in the rain, did a bit of geocaching and generally did the whole tourist thing and had a thoroughly nice time just enjoying each others’ company.

All in all it was a lovely couple of days and exactly what the doctor ordered, not that we’re talking about doctor’s any more, I’ve had enough of them to last me a lifetime!



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