Deer, deer, deer!

Just for a change from walking in the woods, which have turned into a disgusting quagmire recently with all the rain, I thought I’d take Douggie the doggie to the local playing field. That was a mistake on it’s own. Thought the woods were muddy? The playing field was more like a paddy field. Welcome to Floods R Us.

We walked onto the field, with me doing my usual scanning to ensure no other dogs were within a half mile radius so Douggie didn’t make like lightning and bolt. Other dogs aren’t an issue, I love to see him playing with other dogs, the trouble is that no matter how far away they are when he spots them he just takes off at a rate of knots leaving me hollering helplessly in his wake. I prefer to keep him close by me till they are near enough that I can keep control over him and keep him out of trouble.

So, with my head oscillating from left to right scanning the area like a submarine’s periscope (and I was almost under as much water, damn rain!) I noticed three shapes in the distance. It was three deer sauntering slowly across the grass with not a care in the world. How lovely. I kept the dog distracted with a scooby snack while I watched these magnificent creatures continue their stroll.

That’s a good way to start the day.

Tesco had a bad day recently. They discovered that they only made £1.7  billion profit last year. How will they cope? My heart bleeds for them.

I did a little photo shoot the other day. Lashes has got a new kitten. It seemed like a good idea to take a few photos. I was a bit worried about it all in case the dog ate the cat or the cat took the dog’s face off or there was a mad chase around the studio sending lights crashing to the ground, the possibilities for disaster seemed endless. Still, we gave it a go. What do you think?









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