Thursday night treat

It’s become a bit of a ritual now. I return home from dog training about 9.30pm cold, dirty, tired  slobbered on and full of dog hair. Boofuls has a nice chilled gin and tonic ready and waiting for me. I like Thursday evening.

Now that winter is once again round the corner and the nights are starting to draw in it just feels right to snuggle up in front of the telly. It’s been rubbish on the box all summer but by God they’re making up for it now. Strictly, Downton Abbey, Mrs Biggs,The Bletchley Circle, cracking viewing. I can hardly get my jimjams on fast enough to get myself settled and catch up on all fine viewing.

Winter my be drawing in but weather wise it isn’t really much different to the summer, it just gets darker earlier. I did enjoy yesterday’s walk through the woods though. Yellow leaves were fluttering gently down from the trees like snow. Hhhmm. Yellow snow. Never eat yellow snow.  I didn’t enjoy the leaves that were skittering across the road tonight in front of the car. I kept thinking they were small mammals or frogs and  braking to avoid them – only to feel really foolish a second later when I realised it was only leaves.

It won’t be long now till mine and Boofuls’ Big Adventure.  We had to cancel it last year due and I was so disappointed. This year it’s booked and the final payment made yesterday so were actually doing it – going in search of the northern lights. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

People seem to think we are slightly bonkers going to the Arctic Circle in January but I can’t wait. I may soon implode with excitement and God knows we need a bit of excitement in our lives. There has been far too much doom and gloom for the last little while and it’s well past time it all perked up a bit – and it looks like it may just be starting to happen.


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