Bzzzz Beeeeepbeeepbeeeep

Holy crap! I think my toothbrush is possessed!

After failing to turn on when I tried to use it in the morning, meaning that I had to brush my teeth the old fashioned way, I left it on it’s charger thinking the battery must be flat and got on with the rest of my day.

At some point during the night I wok up with a jolt as my toothbrush turned itself on! Whaaaaat?  I snatched it off it’s charger, quickly turning it off before. My hear was racing and my adrenalin rising fast. I did a quick check round the room for ghosts, demons, ghoulies (That’s ghoulies not goolies – don’t be rude!) and poltergeists, it is nearly halloween after all, and went back to sleep. Only to be woken a while later by exactly the same again.

Dear God! What’s going on? Is the thing possessed?

This time I removed it from the charger and left it on the windowsill where it spent the rest of the night without causing any further disturbances.

Yesterday morning I popped it back onto it’s charger. This time it didn’t turn itself on but instead spent the whole day singing a little Beeeeep beep beep song.

I think my toothbrush has developed a personality disorder. In the meantime until I menage to get a new one I’m think I may have to continue cleaning my teeth the old fashioned way. Yuk.




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