Crawl, scrape, ow!

It still feels like we’re crawling over broken glass on the route selling our house. Why does it all have to be so sodding stressful?

As soon as we get over one obstacle, we meet another.

As for the game playing; ‘offer ’em far less that they want and we’ll bat it backwards and forwards for a few weeks.’ Well, that game you can stick right up your…..ear.

What’s wrong with just doing business openly, honestly and with respect for the other person. I’m not a big fan of power games or word games – and I’m certainly not impressed by ill-mannered little men who suffer from LMS and think I should be impressed by their job. Well I’m not, ya name dropping glorified taxi driver so sod off.

Rant over *tries to stop steam coming out of ears as  it’s just not ladylike*


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