Nothing to say

Funny isn’t it? So much happens in life but when I sit down at my computer to write a blog post about my day I can find absolutely nothing to say.

I used to be able to sit down and write an amusing little post about nothing at all.

Do you think I’m suffering from writer’s block?

Well, my plan of action is just to sit and type away and see what comes out, hopefully the act of actually sitting here in front of the computer will fill me with inspiration.

Ooh, I think it’s working – I’ve thought of something!

Velcrodog start his dance lessons tomorrow, also known as heelwork to music, I’m sure he would be excited if he knew anything about it but as it is I’m excited enough for both of us. And no, before you ask, we will not be performing on Britain’s got talent at any point in the future. He’s already got quite a repertoire of tricks. Munki and me were singing, ‘How much is that doggie in the window’ earlier and Velcrodog was barking to order in the correct place. When we’ve polished that up a bit I’ll record it for you.

Actually, tomorrow will hopefully be a nice day all day, being Tuesday it’s paso doble day. Yay! The only thing keeping me sane over the last few months has been going for nice long head clearing walks with Velcrodog and laughing my socks off during out Tuesday dance lessons. We produce enough endorphins during that hour to keep the men in white coats away from the door for another week. Mind you, if the men in white coats could see us laughing I’m sure they’d lock us up anyway. We’re like a bunch of nutcases.

Here’s hoping that we all manage to have a stress free and pleasant Tuesday. We’ll worry about Wednesday when it arrives.


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