Season of goodwill….really?

Yesterday, being in an unusually efficient state of mind, I decided to  visit the print lab, buy a new printer for work and then to pop into our local ‘Pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap’ retailer for some cheap and cheerful new Christmas decorations to freshen up the ones I’ve had for years. All that in one circular trip, that’s like killing three birds with one stone. Normally that would be three separate trips. Why can’t I be so efficient every day?

Anyway, I needed the new Christmas decorations to  fit in with this year’s theme which basically involves chopping down half a tree,  painting it white and sticking some fabulous white lights and a few sparkles on it ( for ‘few’ read ‘loads of’ ) . Munki thought I was joking. I’m not.

So here we are at the store, grabbing a basket, I headed off down the aisles in search of the Christmas department, quietly humming, ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ to myself as I went. The Christmas aisles were easy to spot. They were the ones fill with hoardes of people all elbowing each other in the face in order to get first dibs on the perfect item for their preparations for the season of peace and goodwill. After about two minutes I decided that I wasn’t aggressive enough for the game and beat a hasty retreat. What an ordeal! ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ had been replaced in my head by ‘Highway to Hell’ on my way out of the store – it’s not even December yet! God only knows what it’ll be like in the coming weeks. I think I’ll be doing my shopping online from now on. It’s much safer.


Well, time flies, as they say, and the last four years have certainly flown by.  On the very night I threatened Lashes not to go into labour because it was the night of my studio opening party, the 26th November 2008. I should have known better really, when did she ever listen to what I have to say? Sure enough, she went into labour and Munki made her entrance into the world, aided and abetted by me who had the honour of cutting the umbilical cord, one of my proudest moments ever. Happy birthday Munki, or as she prefers to be called these days, Belle.




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