Seemed like a good idea at the time

As you might expect as this time of year, it’s all a bit busy. Poor old Boofuls is working flat out to try and cope with everything going on at work. Why can’t these customers spread their orders out over the whole year instead of saving it all till Christmas? Talk about all or nothing, the poor blokes exhausted, or as they say round here, bollocksed.

While I was driving from one job to another yesterday I decided I was thirsty. Luckily I remembered a bottle of water that I’d bought previously so with a bit of wiggling and stretching I managed to reach it without crashing the car or mowing down unsuspecting pedestrians. Clamping the bottle between my knees as I drove I then proceeded to twist the top off the bottle, not terribly successfully I might add. The top stayed resolutely on the bottle as I drove over our lovely pot holey roads.

Thirst encouraged me to clamp my knees tighter for a better grip. Clam, twist, clamp twist. It’s working!

One more clamp, twist and…….fizz! WHAT?

Fizzy water fizzed out of the well clamped, bounced around and twisted bottle – all over my groin area! I  looked like I’d just peed myself. It’s a good job I had a long coat on to hide my blushes when I arrived at my destination.

Note to self: Next time, stop the car, check the contents of the bottle before giving it a good shake, open slowly. It might save embarrassment. Sigh.


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