This week

Sunday: We started the week by going for a lovely walk in the fog. Cold, calm and serene it was so peaceful and I was just thinking that life doesn’t get any better than this when out of the mist came 1…2…3..4 deer!

Velcrodog and me stopped in our tracks and gazed in wonder at these four majestic creatures gazing back at us. We all stood gazing at each other for a good couple of minutes until a car came up the lane and all the deer disappeared into the mist like they’d never been there. What a Sunday treat, how could it possible get better?

I’ll tell you how.

By going home to another Sunday treat; a large cup of steaming coffee and a giant bacon butty. Perfect! Ok, not healthy but who cared? It was  Sunday morning and all was well in the world. Later in the day the Clingons and me had a ride out in the car to deliver my white twig tree to my friend who’s getting married on Saturday. Somehow I managed to leave with more trees than I arrived with and instructions to find another large branch to paint white so she’d have a pair.

Monday: Dangerous D, Munki and me all spent the day together. I don’t get to spend enough time with Dangerous D so it was a lovely treat. We spent a fair amount of the time painting another tree ( scrounged from our neighbour) white for my friends wedding this Saturday. Well, I say painting a teee. What I really mean is painting the floor, each other, our clothes, our hair and anything else within reach. Somehow I managed to get more paint on me than the kids got on themsleves. I’m really not safe with a paintbrush. Still, it all got done and picked up by a beaming and very grateful groom last night. That’s my good deed for this week.

Tuesday: Terrific Tuesday. I love Tuesday! Paso doble lesson in the morning followed by dog training in the evening. I LOVE HTM!! That’s heelwork to music, or doggie dancing, for the uninitiated. Velcrodog is getting so good – if only I could get it right we’d be brilliant. I was a bit gutted to discover that there’s a show on the 11th May we could have performed in but I’m booked for a wedding that day so we won’t be making our competition debut just yet.

Wednesday: Starting to get hyped up about our impending BIG ADVENTURE. Too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Why does lots of urgent work drop into your in tray just as you want to get everything nicely up to date? I think I’ve caught up again now but shhhh… don’t let Sod hear me or he’ll invoke Sod’s Law and loads more work will magically appear.

Thursday: Haircut and colour and I feel like a new woman. It’s dog training tonight followed by more preparations for the BIG ADVENTURE which, I must admit, is starting to dominate our lives.

So there you are; a potted version of this week. I’ll try and make next week more exciting – and somehow I don’t think that will be a problem.


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