Aint evolution marvellous?

Ir would appear that the dogs around our local area have evolved to the level where their poo comes out of their body ready bagged!

Now if only we could get the owners to pick it up and throw it in one of the gazillions of poo bins we have around then that would almost be perfection. Absolute perfection would be of the dogs did it themselves.

What? It doesn’t come out of the dogs ready bagged? The owners bag it and then leave it lying around? Who would do such a disgusting thing? That doesn’t make any sense at all!

Quite honestly I prefer the evolution theory to the thought that dog owners are so lazy, irresponsible and dirty that they’d do that.

That though, sadly is exactly what is happening. It seems almost to be the norm to bag the poo and then leave it bagged wherever they happen to be, or even worse, fling it over a wall. Out of sight out of mind I suppose. Dirty bar stewards!


Turning the subject away from poo and onto Velcrodog… not so little pooch seems to finally be developing some survival instinct.

Velcrodog, Winklepop and me were meandering round a popular  dog walking  spot. It’s all fenced and secure an ideal place for letting them burn off some energy.  Suddenly  Velcrodog stopped in his tracks. Normally when he does that it means he’s seen another dog and a nanosecond later he runs off to say hello and share a good nether region sniffing session.

Then I saw what he was looking at.

My friend and her dog – affectionately known as Snot as he’s so ‘orrible.

My friend was hanging onto his  lead and bracing herself for the melee she thought was about to ensue. bizarrely,  my brain decided at that exact moment to lodge one line of a song in my head “There may be trouble ahead.”  That one line went round and round in my head for what seemed like hours but was actually about a second before I gathered my faculties.

Managing not to burst into song, I called out,” Velcro. Come!”  and he did, first time!

Cue: happy dance and a fistful of dog treats.


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