That’s a nice castle

Did you know that your average goldfish has a memory of about three seconds?

That means that every time they swim round their bowl and see their  castle they think they’re seeing it for the first time.

That's a nice castle

Every circumnavigation of his bowl warrants another little flurry of bubbles as he tells anyone present; ‘That’s a nice castle.”

Boofuls and me have been more than a goldfish like with our memory lately. I have to write everything down because I know I’ll forget it otherwise. We have so much going on in our lives at the moment that we haven’t got room for any more information in our heads. I’m even considering getting my name tattoo-ed onto my arm so that’ll  be one less thing I have to remember. I will however have to remember where the tattoo is.

As for Boofuls,  every time I stand close to him I can hear a slight whistling sound. It’s the sound of information  whizzing  in one ear and straight out of the other without even stopping for a rest in between. No wonder he’s exhausted.

Someone said last week that at our age we should be considering slowing down ready for retirement. Ha! I’ve never worked so hard in my life!  I’m loving the fact that the portrait side of the business is taking off beyond my wildest dreams but flippin’ ‘eck! let me draw breath and admire the scenery.

That’s a nice castle, did you see it?




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