A few chicks and bad manners

It’s colder than a cold thing here in Blighty at the mo. The cold snap has turned into a cold month. The spring daffs have poked their heads out of the ground and then done  a quick about turn and poked them back under it again, telling us they’ll come back when we turn the heating up a bit. Spring?  It’s more like an Arctic winter with it’s sub zero temperatures and bitterly cold easterly winds.  At this rate we’ll be seeing the daffodils in July or maybe even August.

Since the clingons are off school this week, Lashes and I decided to take them to a local -ish farm shop / cafe/ boutique / ice cream parlour.

It’s a place where the farmer, instead of lying down and taking the demise of farming in this country as the end of his livelihood, decided instead to diversify into other things – and a damn fine job he’s done of it too. The plan for today was to let the clingons feed the lambs ( at £3 per child. I think we should invest in a few lambs, hay bales and formula milk – the place was mobbed!), stroke the chicks and join in the Easter egg hunt which cleverly took us to every single department in the shop with the exception of the wine shop which I suppose wouldn’t be totally appropriate.

At the end of the hunt the kids got to enjoy a lovely rice krispie cake and Lashes and me treated ourselves to a well earned coffee. Three excited kids running, until we called out for them to stop,  through an antique shop full of collectables and vintage glass is exhausting, not to mention nerve wracking.

At one point, we were about to exit the food hall, following the clue to the next egg, when we stopped to let a middle aged woman step through before us. Without a word and with a dirty look to the clingons, she walked through the door we were holding for her. “People complain that kids have no manners but she could learn a thing or two,’ I said as Lashes and me stepped through the door at exactly the same moment, elbowing each other out of the way to get through first. Heh. Funny. You needed to be there.

Munki and Dangerous wanted to go and take another look at the chicks while Batty, who hates birds of any kind unless they’re roasted and served with mash and veg, preferred to stay and look at jewellery. Ten minutes later Lashes returned laughing her head off. It seems that Munki was holding a chick and then suddenly let out an ear splitting scream which brought the whole place to a halt. The chick had only been and gone and done a poo on her.  Munki was mortified and in her own inimitable way decided to let everyone know how mortified. The staff must have thought she’s chopped her arm off in a combine harvester for the racket she made. Lashes, being her Mother’s daughter, decided that the best course of action was to laugh out loud at the situation.

Oh, it’s fun going out with the clingons. I wonder what we can do tomorrow?

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