It’s just nuts!

I read this story on the news earlier about how a store had to recall all its packets of nuts after failing to state on the packet that it may contain nuts. What? That’s just nuts!

Excuse me if I’m being a bit thick and missing something but if I was allergic to nuts I might have noticed that the packet with the word  ‘nuts’ and  the picture of nuts on said packet might have spoilt the surprise, or indeed the (anaphylactic)  shock of discovering that there’d  be nuts inside it. I probably wouldn’t need the teeny tiny warning on the back of the pack telling me that the pack of nuts might contain actual nuts. Or is that just me?

My baby boy’s growing up.

That cute little puppy with the triangle eyes has grown into a handsome and loving big hairy slobber monster of a dog. This Thursday he was clever enough to pass his Kennel Club good citizen exam. He had to demonstrate that he was fully in control of his owner and knows how to behave in public.  Part way through the test, as all we middle aged, middle class dog owners  were all stood in a line being asked questions on the care and welfare of our dogs it struck me that we weren’t the ones that really need it.

The people putting their dogs through the test were all responsible dog owners in the first place. I’d have been far happier to have seen a few of the chavvier types with the assorted collection of staffies, bulldogs, mastiffs or some of the other breeds favoured and paraded round the local streets by the local tough guys. Far from wanting to paint them all with the same brush I can’t help but think that you’d  never see them walking round with a Papillon, Chinese Crested or Bichon Frise dog. You can’t look tough with one of those in tow, can you?

There has to be a lot of truth in the myth that people look like their dogs. I think it’s more often a case of people being attracted to dogs that appear reflect their own personalities. Take me for instance. I know I look like my dog. Blonde, inclined to get fat, fun loving, gregarious,  enjoys long walks in the country, cuddles and food. If I was a dog I’d definitely be a golden retriever.

I’m also a big fan of  dancing. Well, fancy that! So’s Velcrodog!  This dog has rhythm. So much so that he’s doing his first exhibition in June at a country fair in Yorkshire. We’ll be dancing to Caro Emerald’s That Man. We’d better get practising!

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