Hello or ow? I’m not sure which.

Being an observer of things in general and people in particular I notice things that others may not. It’s my job to see things – and I’m an exceptionally nosy person.

It’s great being an observer. Can there be anything better than sitting in a cafe with a posh coffee and your significant other/sister/son/daughter/bezzie and just watching the world go by? I could spent hours doing that.


Last week I noticed that the  attempt to keep current and ‘dahn wiv da kids’ in soap operas is to have all the actors end every sentence with ‘Yeah?’

Most of the time I’m not sure if they’re asking me or telling me, yeah (?).

Do people really do that in real life, yeah? In case you’re wondering, that was a real question, yeah?

See my point? Yeah? Confuzzling.

Walking down the road yesterday, as is my wont, I saw a woman holding her hand up to her face as if the had severe toothache. Then I saw someone else doing exactly the same thing and wondered if we had a  toothache epidemic.

After I’d seen several other people holding their faces in the same similarly afflicted way I realised that some of them didn’t appear to have toothache but earache as they were holding their faces higher up.  Of course they weren’t really afflicted by anything except modern society and the need to keep in touch and connected at all times. They were all attached to their umbilical cords, aka their mobile phones.

Funny isn’t it how technology has modified our behaviour.

Boofuls nearly has a blue fit if he forgets to take his phone out with him. I don’t get it. What is this need to be connected all the time?  I’m not saying they aren’t useful but actually, it’s quite nice to be out and not at everyone’s beck and call all the time.

While we are on the subject of behaviour, I’ve noticed our little cat, Cooking Fat, has been behaving strangely lately. Eating like food is going out of fashion and drinking water at any opportunity. Yes,  Pebbles, the very Pebbles that this blog is named after and who I regularly trip over in the dark, being as how she’s as black as coal, has developed diabetes.  That’s in addition to her deafness, blindness, toothlessness, senility and arthritis. A visit to the vet yesterday confirmed my suspicions.

Oh crap crappity crap. We’ve never been able to get tablets into her so now we have to make a decision.

Are we going to let her condition take its course and let her see out her days in peace or are we going to cause her upset and distress by trying to get medication into her on a regular basis? At twenty years old she’s  definitely past her sell by date and our inclination is to let her live her last days peacefully.  What are your views?



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