Tricky one this…..

This is a repost from some time ago. 2009 to be exact. The feelings expressed in it are just as relevant today.

Tripping Over Pebbles No More

Blogging, as I mentioned when I first carried this on from my fmp is, I believe, a bit egotistical. To assume that anyone would want to read your thoughts, ideas and rantings – hhhmm, hardly writing on a level with Mark Twain now is it?

Following on from a comment made yesterday by someone who’s opinion I value I’ve been questioning again why I do this. Over the last few months I have poured out the contents of my brain into blogland, to what I originally thought would be an audience of one (me) but has since turned out to be an audience of quite a lot.

Is this really the place to lay down my personal traumas for the whole world to read or should I be keeping them locked away either in my brain or in a diary never to be shared with another person? Do others really…

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2 thoughts on “Tricky one this…..”

  1. Don’t stop blogging, surely your families views are more important? if this opinion is from someone who is neither friend, nor family, do not pay it much heed, Even though you may not know it,I for one look forward to reading your posts, it tells me so much about you, it makes up for all the years I never got to know you xxxx

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