Mad May has finished!

Now we are into not quite so mad June.

Of course I’m talking about work. We had weddings every weekend from the end of April to the end of May and we are exhausted.

Still, at least this year we haven’t got drenched at every wedding. We’ve even had sunshine for most of them. Yay!

It’s a well known fact in our family that Big N doesn’t associate well with mornings. Any attempts at conversation are usually met with a grunt or a sarky comment so it’s easier just to not bother trying.

Boofuls is away on business for a couple of days. That meant that I got the joyful task of taking Big N to work. Actually, I can’t really call him that now because he’s lost loads of weight. I’ll have to call him Notso.

As the car approached the top of our track we saw the most beautiful deer. “Oh, Notso, look at that.”


“How can you just grunt at that. It’s gorgeous. What a treat.”

“Huh. Seen one you’ve seen ’em all.”

I gave up at that point and we went back to silence. I’m glad I don’t have to take him to work very often. Poor Boofuls gets that joyful start to the day.


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