Cor blimey! It’s been an exciting few days.

Gembolina kicked it all off when a couple of Chinese girls visiting from Hong Kong and busily looking at their phones stepped straight out into the road in front of her car. Gem managed to take the pair of ’em down like skittles. The head of one of the girls connected with the windscreen and put a hefty crack in it. Poor old Gem was a nervous wreck. A passing lorry driver stopped and helped her out until the police and ambulance arrived. You’ll be glad to know that there were no serious injuries.

The following day, Saturday, Boofuls and me were working at a wedding in Blackpool. It was a long day as normal but a nice one except that as we were leaving to head home for a much needed glass of wine the zip broke on my camera bag and £10,000 of camera kit fell to the floor. FFS!!!!! That was not how I wanted the day to end. Luckily, no major damage seems to have been done but I’ll have to put it all in for a service  and get it checked over.

Next was the long awaited heelwork to music demonstration that Douggie the doggie and me were doing at a local country fair. Pppsshshsttt.

Get there for 10.00a.m. they said. You won’t get parked after that they said. It’ll be really busy they said.

At 10.00 a.m. practically the only other person on this field with us was the bag lady with nicotine brown teeth, unwashed clothes and body and a propensity for getting into ones personal space while giving me advice on how to look after my dog.  Ohhhhhhh kaaaaaaaaaaaaayy. Step away, bag lady.

Eventually it all got going. The rest of the dog club arrived and we set up the arena and tent for the demonstration and dog show. Just as I was starting to get the collywobbles about performing in public our trainer came over and announced that we wouldn’t be doing the demonstration after all and we were going to get straight on with the dog show. Huh? I was all psyched up and ready. Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go. I was gutted.

After bowing to some peer pressure I entered Douggie into a couple of classes at the dog show. He came second in the best dog class and also second in the best trick class. Here we are with his rosettes. I think Douggie’s trying to eat them. Talking of eating – or more to the point, throwing up. Douggie had to go to the vet the other day because he’d vommed a few times he was definitely not feeling himself. Not that there’s a lot to feel now the knackers have come off. Anyway…. The vet looked, prodded poked. Decided she didn’t know what was wrong, gave him a ‘I’ll cover all bases’ cocktail injection and told me to take him back the following day. £62.50 that little lot! The following day she repeated the whole procedure and charged me £65 with a request to bring him back in two days’ I should bloody coco! It’s just cost me a small fortune, she must think I’m made of money. Covering all bases seemed to work though as he’s much brighter and back to normal mischief making.




As if that wasn’t enough excitement, Boofuls managed to drop an heavy lump of metal onto his foot today and ended up in A & E getting it checked out. What with his bad hips and now a bad foot he’s walking like a bloody weeble – you know, those things that wobble but they don’t fall down? That brings us nicely up to date. They say things come in threes but this week it’s been one thing after another. I hope it all clams down a bit, my nerves are in tatters!


Loads of other things have happened but time to sit down and tell you all about them seems to be in short supply.



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