Tuesday chit chat

There is a road in a nearby town to us. It’s a road we occasionally to get us to the motorway. Not the most exciting of roads, it’s all a bit industrial, has it’s own gypsy site and further down the road there’s a even sewage farm. As you can guess, you wouldn’t choose to drive down it or go there for a day out.

It took on a whole new lease of life for me one day last week when I drove down it because the sat nav made me laugh out loud at it’s pronunciation of the name. Oh how I love it when I computer makes a guess at something and gets it wrong. Lower Eccleshill Rd, according to the sat nav, is now Low Reckeezle Rd. Hahaaaaaaaa. Another instance of the sat nav second guessing and losing is a street near Lashes that it insists on calling Anyone St. It make driving so much more fun.

I was part of a food chain moment one day last week while I was out with Douggie the Doggie. At the same moment, Douggie and I spotted a cat with a mouse in it’s mouth. Douggie ran after the cat and I ran after Douggie. It suddenly struck me how hilarious it was that there was a food chain chase going on and I stopped in my tracks and stood there giggling as I watched the chase unfold. We know how to live up here in the wilds, the fun just never ends!

While we’re on the subject of animals, Dougggie has had his nose put out of joint a bit by one of the locals who has had the audacity to put horses in a field that Douggie likes to run in. When I say run I mean fly like the wind. He has a mad blast in it just before we get home for our walks.  He realised he couldn’t have his nightly blast and  he’d walk in a hissy fit down the lane giving the horses the evil eye as he went. His face carried a look of , I’m I bovvered? Do I look bovvered? Yeah well, up yours!’ but he never made any attempt to go into the field, he just walked on by.

Arriving home the other day he realised the horses were gone. He stood at the edge of the field and had a good look round to make absolutely certain they were gone. I stood back and watched with interest. Once he was certain they weren’t there he ran onto the field and ran round and round in joyful circles, glad to have his playground back. He’s a happy dog again now.

Boofuls and I were out a t a farmer’s market on Sunday. While I was there I spotted a lovely pen for Boofuls’ birthday but didn’t have the means to pay for it. The nice man on the stall told me that he’d put it to one side and I could pick it up from his base in Ribchester. Yesterday I thought I’d kill three birds with one stone and take Munki for a ride out and walk Douggie as well as pick the pen up. It’s a nice little town, Ribchester and I thought they’d all enjoy it.

Once we arrived I walked up and down looking for a pen shop. Eventually I asked a local:

“Excuse me, is there a shop that sells nice pens near here?”

“Pens? What kind of pens?”

” Writing pens.”

“Oh, you can get them at the Spar shop.”

“No. I meant nice pens, hand made pens.” I went on to explain about the man at the farmer’s market. The response was a bemused expression. Just at that I heard a voice from above and behind me, I thought it was God! I turned round expecting to see an omnipotent being with a long white beard and sunbeams radiating out behind him only  to discover it was a man hanging out of a bedroom window. “He’s next door, love.”

It turned out that the chap didn’t have a shop at all, he worked from home, a tiny cottage,  and I just happened to be standing in exactly the right place as I stopped to ask directions. Funny old world, innit?


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