You could have told me

Boofuls had occasion to go to A & E after managing to drop a huge piece of metal on his foot last Monday.

Of course, being a man he spent a few hours being brave and saying he didn’t need to go but eventually, and without any prompting from anyone so it must have been damn painful, off he popped to the hospital for the long wait.

He sent me a message to say he’d gone as I was out dog training  at the time.  Thinking that he might end up with his foot in plaster and not be able to drive himself home I dropped the dog off with The Rev and made my way up to the hospital as well – just in time to see Boofuls being discharged with nothing more serious than severe bruising.

We arrived home at roughly the same time. Boofuls walked straight over to me and in a stern voice said, “You could have told me.”

“Told you what? I didn’t know it was only bruised, better to get it checked out.”

“Not that.  I’ve been examined by a nurse, two different doctors and been for an x-ray with a f*cking great Peppa Pig sticker on my shirt!”

Indeed he had, a nice sparkly metallic one that Munki had made him wear earlier in the day. Being Monday, and my day with her, she’d been at work for a while and kindly gave everyone a sticker to wear, which we’d all promptly forgotten we were wearing. Boofuls had is in a prominent position on his shirt so everyone could see it in it’s full technicolour sparkly glory.

HAAHAAAAAA!!!!  Oh, Boofuls.

Monday’s have been renamed ‘sprog and dog day’ since I spend the whole of Monday afternoon sharing my time between them both as they both jealously vie for my attention.  Munki has decided that she needs to give the dog orders every three seconds at full volume, orders which he steadfastly ignores, and he has decided to be under my feet constantly so as to prevent Munki getting to me.  Occasionally they team up to cause some mischief together. My usual solution is to take them both for a walk in the woods so they can play in the stream and burn off some energy but yesterday it was a bit too cold and windy. Add to that the start of a migraine and a few wayward hormones and it makes for a loooooooong afternoon. I was actually looking forward to the long, silent drive to training last night.

Believe it or not, Munki actually starts school in September. How the hell did she get to school age without me noticing? Once she’s at school I won’t have my Monday afternoons with her any more. Barring afternoons like yesterday, which was  more of an endurance test, we normally have a lovely time together. I’m going to miss her. Mondays just won’t be the same without Munki at foghorn volume.

Oh well. That’s enough chit chat for today, I’d better get moving and get today started. It’s ‘other’ Tuesday today and we have a dance lesson every other Tuesday so –  today’s the day! Paso doble, here we come!

I hope you have a nice day whatever you’re doing.


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