You should have asked for wet milk

A couple of weeks ago Boofuls and I had occasion to be at Ribby Hall holiday village.

In an attempt to find  a quiet spot in which to chat with our clients we ended up in their Starbucks. I’m normally a big fan of Starbucks but on this occasion it was clear as soon as we walked in that we were more of a nuisance than valued customers.

Boofuls asked what we  all wanted,  the others went for a cappuccino and I opted for an Americano. “Do you want that with hot milk?” “Yes please,” was my answer to the assistant who’s sour face was in danger of curdling the milk.  In due course the drinks were delivered. Four cappuccinos, one without chocolate, obviously intended for me.

“Um, excuse me. I wanted an Americano.”

“That’s what you’ve got.”

“No, I have a cappuccino without chocolate. I asked for Americano.”

“Yes but you said you wanted hot milk.”


“Well you should have asked for wet milk if you didn’t want it frothed.”

“Excuse me? Wet milk?”

“Yes, It comes like this unless you ask for wet milk.”

Oh really?

What utter and complete tripe. My face must have been a picture.

All I can say is it’s a good job for her I was with clients and didn’t want to make a fuss. Otherwise the wrath of Lesley would have descended swiftly from a great height onto her head.

I should probably inform our local Starbucks that they’ve been doing it wrong all these years with their smiling, their courtesy and  their willingness to give the customer what they ask for instead of what’s easiest for themselves.

Wet milk indeed!



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